Trust Technique™
Animals and humans react to each other’s feelings. By reducing thinking levels and quieting down our busy minds we can create a peaceful environment where animals can relax and let go of mental and physical stress. This peaceful environment also opens up space to communicate and listen to each other.
The Trust Technique is easy to learn and can be used in all kinds of situations. Many behavioral problems exist because animals and humans react to each other’s negative feelings or stress. The Trust Technique replaces conditioned fear patterns with confidence and trust and creates a listening environment between humans and animals.

Trust Technique

The Trust Technique recognises that humans and animals can react to each other, this can happen in three different ways:

• The owner could react to a traumatised animal.
• An animal could react to a human who is traumatised or stressful.
• Humans and animals could have a similar situation or history and react to each other.

When either human or animal can become calm the cycle of reaction will be broken. And that is what the Trust Technique does. During a consultation I will teach you how to deliver this peaceful feeling to your animal. Distance is no problem, as I can guide you via a Skype session. Please use the contact form if you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions. I have trained with James French, and am a certified practitioner for pets and horses.

The Trust Technique has been developed by James French. Through this link you can watch the messages of trust, an introduction to the Trust Technique.

James French