Learn Equine Craniosacral therapy with Joey Philips and Emma Loftus

Joey and Emma will be combining their Craniosacral training and clinical practice to offer a unique 6 day workshop on the foundations of Equine Craniosacral therapy.

The origins of Craniosacral therapy lie within Indigenous healing practices, which deeply influence this work.
In this 6 day foundation workshop which will be 2 days, then 4 days of learning, Joey and Emma will be laying down a foundation for you, to be able to begin this journey.
The primary themes in Craniosacral work are that the body is self-healing and self-regulating.
An orientation to the forces that are within us and around us, a deep Intelligence informs the practice.
Orientation to the Health, the Wellness working within the body moment by moment.

“The heart of clinical practice is one’s own state of presence, the clarity and safety of the relational field (between you and the horse), the ability to orient and perceive the underlying forces and processes organising the equine system, and the ability to be in right relationship to all of this” ( Franklin Sills).

Before treatmentAfter treatment

Before and after craniosacral therapy

Emma Loftus

Born in the UK, Emma has been around horses since she was 3 years old, having her first riding lesson at 6, then pony obsessed from then on!
At 16, Emma wanted to pursue a career in Horse racing which led her into the world of the thoroughbred for over 20 years, in which she traveled to Germany, the USA, New Zealand and finally Australia (which she now calls her home).
It was around 13 years ago that Emma came across Equine Craniosacral therapy through a desire to get some answers for the many racehorses she had seen and who were under her care. This was the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning, discovery, awe, and humility, of developing a different connection to the Horses, who have and always will be her greatest teachers.
In 2017 Emma wanted to further her studies in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, so enrolled in the 2 year foundation training in London, graduating in 2019. Emma continues to further develop her skills through advanced Craniosacral training, equine dissections, anatomy and biomechanics clinics and courses.
She is also studying with Equusoma (Horse, Human Trauma Recovery) to further develop her skills around working with the dyad of horse and owner utilizing a biodynamic and trauma-informed lens.

You can visit Emma’s website or check out her facebook page: Emma Loftus Biodynamic Craniosacral for Horses and Humans.

Joey Philips

Joey started her practice in the fall of 2010. Through the years she learned different modalities which complement Cranio Sacral treatment. With CS, iridology, kinesiology and nutrition she provides a holistic approach for the horse.
She has become specialised in treating horses with skull compression. Many of these horses suffer from headshaking or other problems like airway obstructions. CS therapy is possibly the best way to treat these issues. Apart from all the physical problems horses endure, she also works with the Trust Technique addressing trauma and stress in horses and companion animals. Working with the Trust Technique creates an awareness of how deep seated these mental traumas can be. Animals often react to their owners and vice versa, and by teaching owners to become present with their animals a peaceful environment is created and many behavioral issues resolve.

Introduction 2 days

During the first two days, we will be introducing you to the background of this work, the beginnings and the history.
We will explore our sensory nature, and the deep Intelligence within and in the world around us.
We will begin to explore perceptual fields, shifting awareness, becoming aware of the space the Horse resides in and how we affect this through our state of being. Becoming more afferent, receiving and listening.
We will be looking at Health and Wholeness, perceiving this within yourselves and in the Horses.
There will be fun practicals, experiential exercises, and meditations to really allow the material presented to you, to integrate.

We will learn to check in with ourselves before approaching the horse, how to maintain a safe energy around horses, how to pick up on changes and how to respond.

Questions to ask:
Who are you, where is your energy, what is your goal, your motivation?
To become a good therapist you need to get to know yourself. We will spend time getting present, sensing our own energy, and sensing the horses. By the end of the introduction course you will know how to approach a horse in a calm way, handle it with the utmost regard and respect.

ECS1 – 4 days

In the 4 day portion of this workshop we will be introducing you to some Craniosacral anatomy, and continue how to assess, approach and work with horses. We will layer in the material offered during the first two days, allowing the anatomy and practicals to become richer in their application. All practicals will be guided and supported by Joey and Emma.

In these 4 days you will learn

  •  A foundational beginning into this work.
  • An effective basic protocol to work with
  • Understanding of the do’s and dont’s within Equine Craniosacral
  • Relationship building with horses and owners

You will also have experienced how it feels like to be treated with craniosacral hands. We will practice a few human handholds which you can then practice on the horse.

Equine Craniosacral work is a deeply personal journey, and asks that we develop stillness and humility through self-reflection and self-care as we walk this path.

In silence the teachings are heard, In Stillness the world is transformed. (Lao Tzu)

Who is the workshop for?

Both Joey and Emma were not Equine therapists when they started on their Craniosacral journey 14 years ago. However they had always been fanatic horse lovers and had the intent on making things better for equines. So to answer the question, this course is suitable for starting therapists, but it is also a wonderful course for professionals in the field. Craniosacral is a huge addition to equine bodyworkers; when you start to experience craniosacral, you might come to the conclusion that it is possibly the most gentle and effective way to treat a horse. For all students we require basic anatomy knowledge and will provide an online course which is included in the registration fee. If you are still unsure if this course is for you, you may chat to us personally or join a zoom talk we will plan to answer more questions.

There will be a maximum of 10 students. This way we can provide quality and individual attention for all.


We have been invited to teach at the beautiful new venue of Gilvarry Equine Rehab and Spa.
Gilvarry has everything we need to make this an incredible experience for you.
Gilvarry is the  first holistic equine rehabilitation and performance centre in Southern Africa, affiliated with a network of world leading professionals.
Visit the website


  • Experienced in handling horses

  • Basic knowledge of horse anatomy

  • A minimum of 2 human craniosacral sessions for yourself. Find a CS therapist here.

Required reading

  • Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle BUY HERE

  • A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle BUY HERE

  • Wisdom in the body, Michael Kern (currently not available in SA will probably bring some copies, so do not worry about this one)


Included in the course is an online basic anatomy course by Thirza Hendriks. Please make sure to view it before coming to class.