I started my practice in the fall of 2010. Through the years I have learned different modalities which complement CS treatment. With CS, iridology, kinesiology and nutrition I am able to provide owners a holistic approach to helping their horse.
I have become specialised in treating horses with skull compression. Many of these horses suffer from headshaking or other problems like airway obstructions. CS therapy is possibly the best way to treat these issues. Apart from all the physical problems horses endure, I realised that there was more to healing than the physical body alone. So many horses are traumatised and stressed. By working with the Trust Technique I became aware how deep seated these mental traumas can be. Animals often react to their owners and vice versa, and by teaching owners to become present with their animals a lot can change.

Completed courses:

2023: Becoming a teacher of Presence, Eckhart Tolle  (in progress 😉
2022: Equine Healing, Margrit Coates,
2019: Trust Technique Practitioner, level 3 Crossfields Institute
2016: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, De Blauwe Hengst
2016: Equine Iridology, Ellen Collinson
2015: Trust Technique Level 1 Practitioner, James French
2014: Maureen Rogers, ECS5
2014: Connection-course, Kinesiology, Healthcare Academy / Eric Laarakker
2014: Veterinary Thermal Imaging, Dr. Tracy Turner
2014: Barefoot trimming, Heleen Davies
2013: April Battles Equine Cranial Decompression Level 3
2013: April Battles Equine Unwinding Level 1
2013: Lecher Antenna, Healthcare Academy / Eric Laarakker
2012: Maureen Rogers, ECS4
2011: Maureen Rogers, ECS3, ECD (dissection)
2010: Maureen Rogers, ECS1, ECS2
2010: Barefoot trimming, Barneveld
2009: Internship Wait a Little Horsesafaris, South Africa
2009: Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching, Level one, Kathy Pike
2002-2009: Animal Communication courses with Amelia Kinkade, Marta Williams and Cecilia van der Drift