I started my practice in the fall of 2010. The first two years I mainly worked with craniosacral therapy (CS). CS has amazing result, nonetheless I started looking for more ways to complement the treatment. I have learnt different methods of treating the horse. Using bodywork, kinesiology and nutrition I am able to provide owners a holistic approach in treating their horses.
Bodywork helps to balance out the body in a quick and soft way and then CS adds by working through deep tissue and balancing the craniosacral rhythm. CS therapy is possibly the best way to treat headshaking in horses. I have great success in treating headshakers, headshaking is not death sentence anymore and can be cured.

Completed courses:
2019: Trust Technique Practitioner, level 3 Crossfields Institute
2016: Equine Iridology, Ellen Collinson
2015: Trust Technique Level 1 Practitioner, James French
2014: Maureen Rogers, ECS5
2014: Connection-course, Healthcare Academy / Eric Laarakker
2014: Veterinary Thermal Imaging, Dr. Tracy Turner
2014: Barefoot trimming, Heleen Davies
2013: April Battles Equine Cranial Decompression Level 3
2013: April Battles Equine Unwinding Level 1
2013: Lecher Antenna, Healthcare Academy / Eric Laarakker
2012: Maureen Rogers, ECS4
2011: Maureen Rogers, ECS3, ECD (dissection)
2010: Maureen Rogers, ECS1, ECS2
2010: Barefoot trimming, Barneveld
2009: Internship Wait a Little Horsesafaris, South Africa
2009: Equine Facilitated Learning en Coaching, Level one, Kathy Pike


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